F This Post!

In my mind, the whole profanity trend started off a few years back with an odd swear word strategically placed here or there — but has grown into a thundering cacophony of letterpressed, foiled and cursive cursing.

But don’t take my word for it — consider the evidence from these makers who have integrated cussing into their very business model, with very professional (and might I add effective) results. Before I get started here though, I should note: If salty language offends you, skip this post!

First up we have Ümlaut Brooklyn, who just has a special way of juxtaposing vintage photos, beguiling patterns and clever messaging to create a wonderful (if slightly blasphemous) range of cards and journals.

I saw Tiramisu Paperie this year first at National Stationery Show, and then at Las Vegas Market, and Lisa’s range of pencils, cards, notepads, coasters, and yes, even balloons just gets better and better. 

Lovebird Paper integrates its signature beautiful hand-lettering onto cards & totes.

And Karen Adams Designs glitters her profanity, and presents it in a pretty box!

ilootpaperie created this splendid wall print that says exactly what’s on your mind, so you don’t have to yell it out in anger!
And Frog & Toad Press ‘pressed this beautiful floral wreath to surround its plain-spoken apology. Perhaps being letterpressed will help the recipient accept it & move on!
This periodic table-inspired postcard from theBird+theBeard is a bit less in one’s face, but gets extra points for going over some people’s heads. This is another reason kids need to pay attention in school! And nothing accessorizes a thoughtfully used curse word like elegantly rendered women, as Alison Gordon Studio can attest.

Finally, Ashkahn … what can I say here that has not already been said? He deserves a slow clap in my book!

I don’t think anything will get your point across quite like a sheet from this notepad. So next time you’re about to say something you may regret, take a slightly different approach and support these fine (if somewhat foul-mouthed) American makers instead!