Meet mishmash!

Greeting cards have been receiving a lot of well-deserved attention during the isolating circumstances of quarantine, but there’s another domain of stationery being regarded with fresh eyes as living spaces are transformed into work spaces: desk accessories.

So if you’re like me & find that there’s something about a fresh notebook that makes any daunting task that much easier to tackle, you’re going to love mishmash.

This Portuguese range of minimalist accessories pares down favorite pieces to the basics, then presents them in vibrant color and upscale materials. What better way to bring some excitement into tedium?

You can shop their site — get 20% off by signing up for their newsletter — but for a true online shopping adventure/scavenger hunt, check out their American stockists here. You just may find your favorite new shop to help support until they can safely reopen.

Here’s a bunch of fabulous notebooks I found at San Francisco’s post.script (stock is running low), while Greer Chicago has the incredible Slices Multi-Shape Notebook (shown below with blue cover) in stock for $16/pop. Oh, and for any retailers looking to dazzle your clientele … mishmash is also on Faire!