Meet the New Letterpress Paper in Town!

If you haven’t heard of Strathmore Impress from Mohawk yet, well it’s time you did! This paper is brand spanking new for 2017 — but it does the 125-year old Strathmore brand proud. Made with wind power of 100% pure cotton fiber, it’s ideal for letterpress, engraving, offset and, yes, digital printing. The color palette is actually a dream design scheme for my imaginary ultra-modern home makeover: light gray, light pink, soft white and ultimate white.Strathmore Impress is available in three calipers: 18 pt. and 20 pt. for digital printing; and 20 pt. and 40 pt. for letterpressed cards, invitations, announcements, social stationery and artwork. A diverse line of envelopes to complement it all is also in stock at Legion Paper.

With this beautiful framework, the creations are limitless — just check these out! These beauties were foiled, letterpressed and offset for the most recent Mohawk Maker Quarterly. A dozen designs showcasing this paper’s potential were created for the issue. (I can only wonder what corners of the world they ended up in — I ended up mailing mine to my daughter at overnight camp). I’m so looking forward to seeing makers start creating with this new range — if you have, please let me know. And if you haven’t, head on over to Legion Paper to try it out here!