Upending the Patriarchy, Card by Card!

I’ve written about the very endearing, earth-friendly work from Theresa Hutch of small cloud shop before, well, she put her business aside for five months to craft the White Sage Tarot deck. Created with watercolor and gouache — which “have a mind of their own,” Theresa told me — it seeks “to balance the hyper-masculine energy in our culture with a soft, strong and feminine deck.”

The name, White Sage Tarot, alludes to burning white sage in a process called smudging; this ancient method, found around the world, is used to cleanse spaces and people. Here’s a peek at the deck. Honestly, who wouldn’t enjoy purging one’s political and social angst with the aid of sympathetic animals wearing clothing, crowns, and, just like us, finding comfort in hot drinks? 

The deck has inspired a range of locally printed greeting cards and signed art prints. The pastel color palette adds “light and whimsy to times that can feel dark and heavy,” Theresa told me.

The intention of it all is to help people find clarity and flow while navigating life’s journey. Pick up a first edition of the Tarot deck here (use the code shipfree for free shipping) shop the cards here (use the code save10 for 10% off), and you’ll find the art prints in two sizes here!