NSS Mailers, Part 4!

My mailbox has been bursting with National Stationery Show mailers, so let’s get started, shall we?

First up is Our Heiday, who sent a beautifully addressed burnt orange envelope. Tucked inside was a lovely New York postcard, a P.S. full of show specials, and two gorgeous cards. Patricia makes her NSS debut in Booth #2165!


I have been a fan of Shortpockets for a long time, and am looking forward to seeing Sarah and her cavalcade of enchanting animals and bright designs in Booth #1866!

Shortpockets NSS Mailer Congrats Folded Card Fill-In Shower Invite & Folded Thank You Terrier Folded Thanks

Bright & Blue Designs is new to me, so I’m looking forward to meeting Natasha and seeing her sweetly rendered patterns and doodles in Booth #2233.

Mailer-back Mailer-front5x7-coloring-postcards-set hello-notecards-set

I always set aside a chunk of time to visit Ladies of Letterpress in Booth #2363, and this year will be no exception. 417 Press sent along the this chic, color-coordinated mailer and sneak peek of its “crazy good” letterpress cards — I’m looking forward to seeing them and meeting Michelle in person. The blind letterpress design three images down is especially clever.

417_NSSMailer_300 417_CrazyGood 417_Hello 417_TBT

It’s no surprise that the “good fight” mailer from Grey Moggie Press really speaks to me. It’s deeply letterpressed on thick paper, with the “write more on paper” a temporary tattoo! Join forces with Melanie in Booth #1964!

GreyMoggie.NSS2015.MailerGreyMoggie.New.Everyday.May2015 GreyMoggie.New.Holiday.May2015

Check this out — Sea + Lake Paper Co. sent images of my mailer along! It reminds me of notes passed in school, although the ones that I got never looked quite so stylish! Alicia and Christina will be debuting 50 new cards, 15 new art prints, new notepads and gift tags, plus buttons, magnets, mugs, gift wrap, and tote bags in Booth #1292. Yes, we should totally be friends!

I especially love their “Cards for Allies” range (four images down). They are intended to be given to LGBT friends and family that have recently come out, or gone through a transition, or just to show support for any reason. I love their use of color and text — I’ll totes be swinging by Booth #1242!sea_and_lake_mailer-1 sea_and_lake_mailer-2 sea_and_lake_mailer-4 sea_and_lake_products-1 sea_and_lake_products-2

All this stationery gorgeousness is getting me so excited for next week — stay tuned for a lot more sneak peeks at mailers and marvelous show finds all week!