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Thinking of You Week 2.0!

For the second year running, The Greeting Card Association has brought Thinking of You Week to vibrant life, so I’m here to remind you that surely there is at least one person out there who would love to hear from you. Before I continue with the guilt thumbscrews, however, let’s just marvel at this week’s many moving parts.

First off, this fabulous logo above was created by Elizabeth Silver, a former print stylist for GAP and current freelance print designer.

For the rest of the month, the USPS will be imprinting all First Class Mail with a special postmark reading “Thinking of You. Mail a Smile.” So, let’s look at some options for inside the envelope.

Purists tend to stick to “Thinking of You” copy, so I’ll start with a design from Calypso Cards — its own Nicky Burton is responsible for bringing this initiative to life. “We have an overwhelming number of ways to connect these days, yet despite this, people are feeling more isolated than ever,” she noted. “Sending and receiving a hand-written card for no particular reason can help people feel connected.”

Of course this is but one of many more traditional options!

Carina Paper Co.
Shades of Expression Designs
June & December
UWP Luxe

For those of us that like to stray off the expected verbiage, there are endless designs to help you find the right words to kick off your missive.

Breathless Paper Co.
Egg Press
Of Note Stationers
Calypso Cards
Colette Paperie
Fawn Paper Co.
Paisley & Parsley
Read Between the Lines
Paper Raven Co.
Emily McDowell & Friends
Sincerely, McQueen
Tiramisu Paperie
Whimsy and Wild
Hazel + Dolly

So, what are you waiting for? Navigate yourself to one of these sites that speak to you — or head on over to your local card shop to stock up!

Of Note Stationers