This Just In: NSS Brainstorm Mailer

Every year, National Stationery Show exhibitors toil over not just the product they wholesale, but the mailers they send out to invite attendees to their booths. I am always reminded of how close the show is once they start to trickle into my mailbox.

brainstorm_mailer_1This unfolding briefcase from Brainstorm is an ingenious play on words — in this case, speaking to those looking to carry something new. I love how their booth number decorates the briefcase, which arrives folded as shown above on the left. Here’s a better look at what is printed on back:

brainstorm_mailer_4Brainstorm’s Briana and Jason sent along these process photos revealing a little more of what went into their clever creations.

brainstorm_mailer_process1 brainstorm_mailer_process2 brainstorm_mailer_process3

Along with everyone else who got one of these, I can’t wait to visit booth 2271 in a few weeks to see it all in person!