Lucky LOUIE: Sugar Paper

So many LOUIE finalists, so little time — just under a month, in fact, until the gala on May 18, at Manhattan’s Espace. I’m loving the pool and gold foil combo on this design from Sugar Paper Los Angeles, a finalist in the Friendship/Encouragement (General) category (Above $3.50). The shiny herringbone envelope liner and chunky, cool script add plenty of interesting texture. I remember judging this category somewhat, and being wowed by this design. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to open that envelope to find that staring back at them?

The competition in this category is stiff — the other finalists are Holstee and Rifle Paper Co., two other major design forces in the industry today. All three are represented pretty well amongst the finalists: sugar paper is up for two awards; Holstee, two; and Rifle, five. I am an equal-opportunity awards watcher, meaning, I want everyone (who I deem deserving, anyway) to take home at least one (if that is mathmatically possible). A good friend, whose young company secured one finalist spot and lost two years in a row, decided to pass on entering this year and wrote me about looking forward to not having another “Bette Davis breakdown.” I hate those!

You can see all the finalists in all their glory at National Stationery Show, and Sugar Paper Los Angeles, is in booths 1943 & 1945, while Rifle Paper Co. is in booths 1840, 1842, 1844 & 1846.


If you want to buy this card for someone you love, you can buy it here for $6.25. The hand-lettering is by Joanna Reynolds.

And, in the spirit of gorgeous lettering, there’s a fabulous West Coast calligraphy event this weekend, not far from Los Angeles in fact. This Sunday, April 27, Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice will be hosting two calligraphy workshops on modern script basics with Antiquaria’s Bailey Amon Rivera, the company’s chief calligrapher (not to mention early respondent to our Letter-Writing Campaign.) Choose from 10-1 or 2-5, and you can get your tickets here. $150/each. The classes are small, just 10 people each, and everyone gets a box of supplies to work with in during class and take home.

Antiquaria Images (10)

Urbanic’s amazing Audrey Woollen also sent me these images from a previous class they had with Molly Suber Thorpe of Plurabelle Calligraphy+Design Studio. Looking at them, you know it’s going to be a lot of fun. I wish I could make it myself!

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