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Wanderings’ Everlasting Notebooks

My lucky pen — given to me years ago by the owner of the now-defunct Manhattan pen store Rebecca Moss — has travelled with me where ever I’ve wandered for the past 15 years. I’ve lost and tracked down my constant and reliable companion several times, and over time my attachment to this yellow wooden object has gone from sentimental to borderline obsessive. Quite frankly, my life would feel a bit empty without it. 

I can easily see people getting the same type of emotional connection to Wanderings’ notebooks — and, if the reviews are any indication, that is already happening. Heavy, fragrant, full-grain leather covers are surrounded with a sturdy band to reveal the blank (and refillable) paper inserts.Over time, each promises to become the ultimate companion as you travel through life — quiet, uncomplaining, but always there to lend a sympathetic ear. And unlike most travel companions, these come with a lifetime warranty. Their creator, Evan, describes them as “fauxdori” traveler’s notebooks.  “I started making them because I noticed that a lot of people couldn’t afford Midori nor find them available in North America. I sell the Wanderings Notebook for much less than Midori and the quality is just as good. Some people say they even prefer it.”These are definitely sturdy, and the paper is luxuriously thick without being cumbersome. This is the kind of gift you pick up for someone else but secretly want for yourself, so do yourself a favor and splurge on a few. The Pocket Notebook is $18.99, The Wanderings Notebook $26.99 and lined or unlined refills are $8.95 for a group of three. Sign up for the mailing list, and get 10% off.Start a new refill for every new adventure you embark upon, and before you know it, they’ll be lined up on a shelf, ready to tell the story of your life to anyone who cares to read it. Shop it all here!