Fab Swag from Rossi 1931!

Rossi 1931 has been a longtime supporter of Stationery Trends, but they recently reached out to me to review their luxe range here. Before I knew it, a huge box arrived on my doorstep from Italy, full of the most gorgeous Old World stationery you can imagine. I have covered them for quite some time, but having the chance to experience the range firsthand has been a real treat!

The family-owned business, founded in 1931, began with traditional Florentine stationery, but since then has expanded its scope far beyond that. Everything features high quality materials and is meticulously produced and packaged in the house’s factory near Florence, but new introductions marry modernism to the classic forms.

Rossi 1931 is renowned for its decorative papers, used for giftwrap but posh enough for more lasting DIY projects from bookbinding to scrapbooking, origami to découpage. Did I mention these are all exquisitely letterpressed?_DSC4616

_DSC4603 _MG_0996Rossi 1931 covered pencils by hand with their decorative papers, and the effect is incredible! They are so tactile, and just holding one is an entirely different experience from the most of the patterned pencils out there. These are so adorably packaged, I haven’t even been able to bring myself to sharpen one yet.rossi_5 Traditionalists will adore the range’s staple styles, many of which date from the 15th and 16th centuries. This meticulously produced Florentine design is presented on 100 percent cotton paper. rossi_2Other selections retain the classic feel of these designs and attention to detail, but go in a fresh, clean direction — witness these letterpressed, deckle-edged cards, presented in a decorative tin box. rossi_7Or these chic deckled correspondence cards, also letterpressed and presented in a tin box. All are paired with adorable lined envelopes!rossi_6These fabulous floral and handbag cards also come in sleek tin boxes.rossi_1This pineapples design is centuries old, but just as timely and trendy as when it was first created by Italian artisans. It is available lettepressed onto various stationery as well as on these palm-sized notepads, perfect for tucking in a purse.
rossi_3Finally, I love these fashionable lavender ladies, shown here on notebooks and notepads.

All of this just scratches the surface of Rossi 1931’s expansive range. They don’t sell direct to American consumers — although they do wholesale here. But, if you’re not a retailer and want to pick up some of this fab swag, here is a good place to start. Hollander’s looks to have a big range of decorative papers, Luxe Paperie and Two Hands Paperie both have a nice selection of papers and stationery, while Papier Plume focuses exclusively on writing papers. Eye Italia has great finds too, including their almond soap presented in decorative-paper-covered boxes. Meanwhile, Paper Source also has some great Rossi 1931 finds. You can always email them at rossi@rossi1931.it to track down a nearby retailer.

Happy shopping — these are perfect for that discerning cosmopolitan (and continental) type on your list!