Some Big Little Lies for Your World: Humbleworks Standing Desks & Laptop Stands!

So, I know I am not the only TPC reader obsessed with Big Little Lies. The moody Monterey beach scenes, the stellar all-star cast, the spellbinding soundtrack, a mysterious murder, exquisite production design and out-of-this world real estate — all of it came together into one gorgeous, seven-week obsession tied up with a perfectly creased bow.

One thing I couldn’t not notice was the standing desk digs of work-at-home dad Ed Mackenzie (Adam Scott) — and, as this Vulture article cheekily asserts, the method actor may have used one to immerse himself in the role.  

Now you too can have a little piece of Big Little Lies lifestyle in your world, courtesy of HumbleWorks. The British industrial design collective designs and produces clean, elegant and portable products that promote the physical well being. 

Touted as improving productivity, increasing circulation and reducing tension, standing desks may just be wave of the future. HumbleWorks offers three sleek options to accommodate either laptops or desktops and dual screens. Check it out, their standing desk model even has an Ed-esque beard!For those of use who work on the go, Humbleworks also offers two laptop stands so you won’t be caught slouching and squinting away in Starbucks. 

Everything is made of eco-friendly birch plywood in Shoreditch, London, and right now HumbleWorks is offering free shipping on the desks, anywhere in the world. Their prices are super-reasonable for such clean modern looks, and I feel like the hourglass design would definitely be Reese Witherspoon-approved!