NSS Mailers, Part 5!

The excitement surrounding all these National Stationery Show mailers is definitely contagious, so I’ve got a bunch more for you today!

I always geek out over whatever Hammerpress has been up to, and this mailer is no exception. From the color palette (who knew mint, orange and blue could look so cool?) to the overlapping letterpress inks to the deceptively simple design, there is so much more than meets the eye here — which is emblematic of the entire range. See it Booth #1658!


Near Modern Disaster started their mailer from the envelope inwards, designing a series of custom stamps via zazzle.com. It proceeds to woo the recipient with two great cards in their inimitable style inside the mailer card itself. They’ll have over 25 new designs in Booth #2154, plus a slew of show specials.

NMD_promos_01NMD_promos_02 NMD_promos_03

I still have part of the Ink Meets Paper’s mailer from last year displayed in my office, and this year’s is just as swell. The envelope features a letterpress-printed liner in a custom ink splatter pattern — and if you peek down into the envelope,there’s a hidden message!

In tiny print, beneath their logo, it reads, “If you’re reading this, you pay attention to the details. And that’s why you’re awesome. See you in NYC in Booth #1453!” 

Meanwhile the 5×7 letterpress art print  — “Life is best shared — features a hand-lettered design, and is an introduction to their new product line, Gatherings. The mailer itself is deeply letterpressed on shimmery teal paper in black and grey. Love those little envelopes! 

Show releases include 20+ brand-new greeting card designs as well as Gatherings, letterpress-printed fill-in invitations. Check out the baby shower invitation below. The color palette is refreshing as well as gender neutral, and also works perfectly to celebrate an adoption.IMP-01 IMP-02 IMP-03 IMP-04

Next up is the always-fabulous Fig. 2. The diminutive mailer arrived in a hot pink envelope and features four fun panels — including an image I used to kick off our features section in the Spring Stationery Trends! Claudia will be unveiling two new fabulous collections in Booth 2141, as well as brand new gift tags — the result of a collaboration with Lindsay Letters —  and wrap, art prints, greeting cards, boxed sets, notebooks and holiday.

One of the wraps is abstract black and white — “which I think might surprise some people,” Claudia told me, “but as much as I love color, I am a total sucker for black and white pattern. But fear not! We will definitely have some colorful items!”  

2015 Mailer AbstractGiftWrap PinkTag

E. Frances Paper‘s colorful mailer features the watercolor touches it is known for, plus an actual Cardyland game (their vibrant spin on Candyland), complete with a spinner and red and blue markers. They’ll have over 50 new products — cards, notepads, Little Notes, and LOUIE Award-nominated designs — in Booth #2047. “Plus us. We’re nice.” I can personally testify to that!

EFP_PSM15_Mailer EFP_PSM15_Board1EFP_NSS15_1EFP_NSS15_3EFP_NSS15_4

Last up we have this rustic letterpressed suite from Noteworthy Paper & Press. Love the arrow belly band — and I suspect the ingeniously die-cut “Greetings from Montana” postcard is part of Legion Paper’s Postcard Scavenger Hunt. It’s fabulous, as are their new designs!

MAILER1 BOXOFFLIES COASTERS1 MANOFMYDREAMS1See them in Booth #2053. And stay tuned for more NSS mailers! WITHOUTSUNSHINE1