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Vintage Remix from Willow Berry Studio

For a papergeek like as myself, there’s no pleasure equal to finding a dazzling, brand-new card line.  Willow Berry Studio is the brainchild of Angela Kilpatrick, a textile & surface pattern designer. Her style blends past and present, a beguiling look she calls vintage remix. 

“I love hand-drawn motifs, block printing, texture and time-worn motifs,” her “About” page reads. “My work is a blend of cozy and nostalgia.”

I think you’ll agree that Angela’s work feels really fresh and distinctive!

WillowBerryStudio_BBBD#108 WillowBerryStudio_BBBF#107
WillowBerryStudio_BBBH#105WillowBerryStudio_BBS#106 WillowBerryStudio_BBH#109 WillowBerryStudio_KB#111 WillowBerryStudio_MEH#104 WillowBerryStudio_MEHB#103 WillowBerryStudio_MEPW#102 WillowBerryStudio_METY#101 WillowBerryStudio_NHBC#110

Angela does wholesale, but in the meantime, you can shop it all here, with individual cards, each with a recycled kraft envelopes, starting at $3.50 a pop. The best deal, however, is to mix and match eight for $16.