Introducing LetterBox!

There are subscription services galore out there, but this is the first one I’ve heard of that approaches the art of correspondence so cleverly and thoughtfully. Created by Sky of Blue Cards, LetterBox is a seasonal subscription service that puts the emphasis back on hand-written letters by delivering beautifully curated boxes of letterpressed cards, custom postage stamps, plus unique and authentic lifestyle items to your doorstep.LetterBox_8

“I’ve always had a love for writing (and receiving) letters in addition to my lifelong obsession with beautiful stationery,” Karla Ebrahimi, CEO and Chief Designer of Sky of Blue Cards told me. “With my background as a greeting card designer and then the birth of my own company, Sky of Blue Cards, my infatuation with an old-fashioned handwritten note has only grown deeper.”

Karla takes a unique approach to the subscription box concept by tucking in not just letterpress stationery and postage, but thoughtfully curated personal and home lifestyle items as well. “Our goal is to not only outfit our subscribers with the very best stationery and accoutrement for their letter-writing desks, but more importantly to create a beguiling experience for them: One in which they can relax and sit down with a cup of tea and write some letters. My goal is to inspire people to take a step back from their fast-paced lives and partake in the art of letter-writing time and again. There is just something special about receiving a hand-written note in the mail in this digital age.”

The LetterBox arrives at subscribers’ doorsteps in September, December, March and June. Each will always include five luxurious letterpress cards consisting of at least one birthday card; an everyday occasion card (such as  congratulations or encouragement); a note card or thank-you; seasonally appropriate cards like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day or graduation; plus five custom postage stamps. All cards are of 100 percent cotton, with envelopes made from recycled or partially recycled materials.

Additionally there will be at least two other products in the box such as gift wrap, wine bottle tags, coasters — as well as one-of-a-kind lifestyle items carefully sourced by Ebrahimi. Think the best quality writing pens; spools of beautiful ribbon, twine, and decorative tapes; organic herbal teas; hand-poured cardamom & beeswax candles; or Fleur de Sel Caramels from one of San Francisco’s most renowned artisan chocolatiers — all of which can (and should) be enjoyed while sitting down to write. Periodically special letterpress paper items will be included that are only be available to subscribers.

How fun do these look?LetterBox_5 LetterBox_4Subscribers are billed $35 quarterly for a one-year or six-month subscription or $45 for a single box. Each new one-year subscriber will receive a custom-made, solid Maple block stamp personalized with their name and address and accompanied by an inkpad.LetterBox_2Beyond the seasonal subscriptions, Sky of Blue Cards will also curate specialty-themed gift box collections such as holiday, Mother’s Day, graduation, and bridal. Have a friend of family member you don’t hear from often enough? Then gift them with a one-year LetterBox subscription (four seasons), a six-month subscription (two seasons), a single box (current season) or a specialty gift collection.

LetterBox_6Subscribers will expect to receive their first box within a few days of ordering. All future boxes will be shipped directly to the subscriber’s doorstep (anywhere in the U.S. + Canada, including P.O. Boxes) within the first two weeks of the season. LetterBox_1