Stick Up For Democracy

I compiled a lot of office coverage for the upcoming fall issue of Stationery Trends, and in doing so I came across a plethora of sticker sheets. This fun format is especially suited to our crazy times. They express the user just like greeting cards, but they can be customized in the manner our Chipotle culture demands. Plus they’re inexpensive, and once you buy in, you can’t quit!

The sheet format lends itself to really interesting compositions, while the product itself is endlessly open-ended: Put them on your water bottle, use them in a planner, or just adorn your snail mail. So I am utterly enamored on several levels by this new Workman release, Be A Voter: 450 Stickers for Democracy.

It first came across my path by way of our September Trend of the Month Club, which focused on promote-the-vote merchandise. I really recommend you check it out — this was one of the few times I can recall that a trend I forecasted seems not only more popular, powerful and even essential when seen all together, but the entire concept is articulated so brilliantly from so many interesting angles by makers. At any rate, as I was compiling this coverage, Workman kindly offered to send me a copy. When it arrived, I realized there was quite a bit more here than meets the eye!

Laci Jordan

So if you like sticker sheets from this or that maker, this is the concept album of sticker sheets, where several artists present their dazzling take on a most compelling subject. And Workman really selected some real talents to present their exclusive, original take on the “get out and vote” idea: Laci Jordan, Anne Passchier, Salini Perera, Justin Shiels and Carolyn Suzuki.

Justin Shiels

Paging through it, it’s hard to not get excited about voting and democracy and making your voice heard. I have a bunch of thank-yous to send this week, and these stickers are being strategically placed on every last envelope, accessorized by washi tape, forever stamps, and my crooked scrawl. I sent a few sheets to work with my husband; I’m a bit curious how he’s using them, but I’m sure he is! See how to get yours here.

Finally, I would be VERY remiss to not share voting registration info. Deadlines are approaching in many states, so please get started here if you have not already.

Excerpted from Be A Voter! 450 Stickers for Democracy. Illustrated by Justin Shiels Laci Jordan Anne Passchier Carolyn Suzuki Salini Perera. Workman Publishing ©2020