Drop A Line, Anytime

Boxed sets have had an interesting trajectory these past several years. Dyed-in-the-wool letter-writers have always loved them. They’ve multi-functional and versatile, grouped into pleasing themes, and they also make great grab-and-go gifts for fellow lovers of epistolary. With any luck, the gift giver can expect a thank-you written on one to arrive in a week or so.

But while boxed sets always had this devoted, niche-y audience, I noticed them taking the back seat to single cards several years back. I think this is due to the advent of card walls — these are so appealing, but of course they don’t integrate boxed options well.

However, all that has changed with our recent gargantuan cultural shift. While card singles will always have enormous appeal, usually the buyer knows exactly who they are for. Boxed sets are a bit more mysterious. They contain within them the promise of letters we know we’ll need to write, even if we’re not clear on all the details yet.

And these beguiling bundles from Shades of Expression Designs have something for everyone! All come in sets of eight, with two each of four designs.

Shop these fun finds here. This is such a great house of paper to support. Located in Warren, New Jersey, Shades of Expressions Designs is an all-American, woman-run, family business in every sense of the word.

Three generations of woman — one mom, two daughters and a granddaughter — comprise the team. The range of available artwork is prolific, and it adorns not only stationery, but a giftware including mugs, linen wristlets, and pen holders. Happy shopping — and writing!