The Best First Impression

Snail mail and greeting cards have assumed a renewed importance in American life that has been absent for decades upon decades. Just ask Paper Source, whose CEO Winnie Park told The Chicago Tribune last week that online greeting card sales have increased tenfold compared with the same time period last year. Meanwhile, at Etsy, greeting card searches have jumped 73% over the last three months.

That means that the act of just getting the mail from the mailbox is now an event, and if you want your card to make the equivalent of a red carpet appearance upon arrival, well, check out what’s new from Yeppie Paper!

The California maker has just released 13 new designs, as well as custom printed patterned envelopes, its creator Jennifer Lee Gregoire described. “They are locally made in Los Angeles and vibrantly printed in full color on the front and back. We’re all striving to send more mail these days — on the one hand to help support the USPS, but also to stay socially connected while we have to remain physically apart. I hope these fun envelopes will brighten mailboxes all over the country.”

Frankly, how could they not?

Meanwhile, like so many of my favorite makers, Yeppie’s new releases, including two for winter holiday, are more compelling than ever!

Shop these hot-off-the-press releases on Etsy, shop them wholesale on Faire, but by all means, shop them!