Stationery from Sea to Shining Sea

I’ll let you in on a little industry secret: Some of the best cards out there were actually created for a maker to send out herself. From that authenticity arises a certain universality, and from there the card is bona fide winner! But when the maker team in question is actually creating designs for their partner to bridge their separation, well, then you have Tuxberry & Whit. This sister act is actually made up of former wombmates, Steph and Kate, who comprise 2/3 of a triplet set.

“We started the shop as a way to stay connected,” Steph wrote me. “We’ve always been super close and after college I moved to Austria. Fast forward a couple of years and you have two sisters who missed each other and wanted a way to connect. We decided to start a card company featuring designs we worked on together. I’m an illustrator and Kate is a graphic designer; we combined our efforts and developed a style that we could work on together — apart.”

And here is that story in far more artful video form …

These days, Steph is back stateside, and the two are launching their dynamic range to the wholesale market. Living only a state apart these days, I’m sure it’s far easier to collaborate, while still retaining a strong sense of how stationery can bridge any distance. Here’s a peek at their designs.

With an origin story like that, of course Steph and Kate know that the best thing in a card is what the sender puts inside. Their vibrant range is inspired by their families, all things mid-century, and a the power of a handwritten note to make someone feel loved.

Start your shop here — and skip their letter inserts and art prints at your own risk!