Meet the Maker: March + April ’22

So here we are, it’s April 12, and I haven’t yet shared all the March makers, to say nothing of a very exquisite April straggler. So without further ado, let’s get started!

First up is Awkward Affections. This Portland brand is the brainchild of Kaz Palladino, and her range focuses on evasive love, geeky escapism, care-free nostalgia, and the ridiculous, every-day circumstances of life.

“My best ideas come from quirky interactions with friends and even strangers. Whether enjoying collective nerdery or engaging in cheeky banter, everything I make is inspired by personal engagements,” Kaz says. “Those experiences are the ice cream of life, and I think we could all celebrate our absurdity a little more. By making cards and prints, I hope to share some of the wonder with other people!” 

You never know just what you will discover at Notes & Queries. Since 1980, N&Q has been dazzling their clientele stateside with stationery imports from Europe and around the world. Alan Harnik (AKA “Big Al”) took the company from pushcart to basement apartment to an old airplane factory with no heat to a 12,000 square-foot Baltimore warehouse. His daughter Vanessa — who you see in the video — now works alongside him as co-owner. 

This range is full of surprises … which is definitely part of its magic!

Kate Murray of Quick Brown Fox Letterpress is truly out of this world. You may know her as this year’s Louie Chair, but she also consistently churns out precise, colorful and incredibly brilliant letterpress creations with help from her trio of letterpresses: Goldie, Jude and Baby. 

Kate is renowned for her registration — that is, lining up each card perfectly for each pass through the press to be inked with each color — to say nothing of her wry sense of humor.

Recently Kate moved herself and her biz from Brooklyn to upstate NY; I believe she created the wrap you see below while a resident. I am definitely thinking of everyone in the city I love so today!

Finally, you haven’t really experienced the true potential of paper engineering until you open a card from UWP Luxe and watch it come to life. I’ve been acquainted with this multi-award-winning range since its inception several years back, but I will never figure out quite how they make their dimensional magic happen. Their exquisite styling and presentation elevates every last offering from commodity to keepsake.

Here’s another glimpse of their artistry — through there is no compare to opening one of these babies yourself.

Cheers to these fabulous makers … and cheers to seeing the actual faces from these amazing ranges in a few short weeks in *Noted. Meanwhile, I have run out of Meet the Maker videos, so I’m unveiling Tik Toks of the Week instead! It’s not like there isn’t nearly endless content or anything.

I’ll be highlighting one each week — so if I should be following you and I’m not, just give me a shout so I can change that!