Fauxpologies from Gilah Press + Design

A fauxpology is just that, a fake apology. Any parent is familiar with these — for example, “I’m sorry I hit her but she called me a name.” Fauxpologies are as old as time, but the need for an actual term has only arisen as the practice has matured and its commonplace to see adults in the media spotlight take the same tack when addressing their own bad behavior.

All this blaming definitely calls for a lighthearted response, and Gilah Press + Design responds with its Fauxpologies card line. In it, hand-drawn humorous “apologies” by lindi biery are letterpressed onto 100% cotton paper.
FauxpologiesA FauxpologiesB FauxpologiesCPerhaps the greeting on front can serve as a prelude to a more heartfelt confession? Each card measures 5.5″ x 4.25″ and comes individually sleeved with a gravel colored envelope. $5/pop, and you can shop them (along with many other fine card offerings) hereFauxpologies(72dpi)