Punkpost: Correspondence, With an Edge

Joining the good fight to make snail mail hip again is Punkpost, a service/app launched by San Francisco artists. Marrying traditional card-sending with 21st century life, Punkpost sends handwritten, letterpressed cards as quickly as sending a text — with confetti bombs and square photos optional, no less!
Punkpost card + photo + legs
Here’s how it works. First, download the app here, then pick a card from a Punkpost designer.Punkpost_holidaycard_collectionWrite your message (in any language, with or without emojis) and place your order. Punkpost artists then hand-transcribe it onto your card, complete with an occasion-matching stamp, and your card is on its way — which you’ll know from a photo report. You can even schedule your holiday greetings in advance to avoid the last-minute hustle.Holiday-Photoshoot-11-SMOOTHPunkpost’s stable of artists rival that of any traditional greeting card line. I am loving this blue and orange collection from Anna Hurley, a Bay Area designer with a distinct ’60s vibe. She draws her inspiration from two of my all-time favorite things: midcentury designs and vintage children books. Anna Hurley Collection fullAnd Jess Levitz created this super-cozy, hand-lettered collection exclusively for Punkpost.June Letters CollectionI love that Punkpost is creating videos to share the artist’s perspective on each collection. Here’s Jess talking about hers.

Finally, here’s the skinny on pricing: the first card, first photo and first confetti are free for any new user. After that, each card is $6 including postage ($1 extra for international), with $1.50 extra for a photo print or a confetti bomb. 

Follow @PunkpostCo on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for additional promotions. Look for special prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Anna Hurley Collection