Prank Cards that Won’t Stop

Here’s the perfect birthday card to give your favorite practical joker — or to send if you are that joker.

Cards from Joker Greeting look just like any other musical greeting card, with one important difference. Once the button to press to play the song is pressed, the song plays and plays until the battery dies, some three hours — or until the card itself is destroyed. Press the button again, and it just gets louder.

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It’s sure to lead to exchanges like this:



Travis Peterson successfully launched the venture from a Kickstarter campaign, and you can pre-order the card here, to ship in July, for $11.95, or $9.95 for quantities over 5. Each arrives in safe mode so you can sign, activate and send.

Oh, and if you want to prank another special someone during the holiday season, check out their Christmas card here!

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