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Friday Funnies: Zeichen Press

It’s always heartwarming to be reminded that consumers are as mesmerized by letterpress as those of us lucky enough to work within the industry. Personally, I tend to forget when I’m caught up in putting an issue together that what I’m creating will ultimately be read & hopefully enjoyed by others — and it’s most likely not too different for stationery designers.

So I’m guessing that it was very exciting for Fran & Jen Shea of Zeichen Press to be named “Best Greeting Cards” by Minnesota Monthly (and I was also gratified to see Mara-Mi taking well-deserved honors for “Best Office Supplies.”) The editors compiled a list of classic “bests” that have stood the test of time — alongside newcomers they believe will never go out of style.

I wasn’t familiar with Zeichen until Fran approached me, but it’s definitely got a distinctive look and edgy sense of humor. It’s flourishing beyond Minnesota’s borders too, available at over 500 shops worldwide (they can also be purchased here). Their “about” page reads, “Zeichen Press is Fran Shea, Jen Shea and 10,000 pounds of letterpress equipment. The division of labor goes something like this: Fran talks a lot and Jen does everything else. If you’d like to see how this could work for you and/or your company, contact us. Jen will pick up the phone and Fran will talk to you.”

Cards are blank & printed on recycled or tree-free cotton paper. I’m partial to the clown design myself, as frankly, his superficially jolly visage is completely terrifying to me. Just $4 gets you all the nightmares you and your friends can handle.

cant thank you enough.4 wide clown nightmares cake.4 wide raise the roof.4 wide snowflake brighter.4 wide