Biely Shoaf Presents Louise Mulgrew

It’s About F-ing Time!

Do you love swearing? How about Mad Libs? Even if you only answered “yes” to one of those questions, Alexa Pulitzer’s latest release will merit, at the very least, a “F+++ Yeah!”

These cards beautifully and brilliantly infuse modern vernacular into classic communications in a way only this New Orleans house of stationery can. Both sets are engraved: the masked lady features rose gold foil on pink cards for a most feminine effect, while the swords are engraved in white ink on silver card for a downright swashbuckling swagger.

Unsurprisingly, Alexa sold 200 units the first weekend she introduced them. Meanwhile, Goop picked them up for their Holiday Gift Guide — so that means soon all the cool kids will have them. Beat them to the profane punch by picking up a set here!