Keep on Chasing Rainbows

After a summer where few of us got to see actual product at physical trade shows, it’s really exciting to see any new product. And today I have not just new product, but new product from J. Falkner! Plus Creative Director Jason Arbuckle dropped by to share how these dazzling sun-kissed beauties came to be.

If it was possible to distill Palm Beach sunshine in card form, this is the maker that might actually achieve it. Take it away, Jason!

It’s ironic that in one of the most challenging retail environments we’ve come up with our most optimistic collections ever.

We were actually close to finalizing our new summer release as states started locking down one by one, and suddenly the only thing we could be certain about was …. lots of uncertainty!  So rather than push forward with our pre-covid plans, we took a pause — and time for a rethink.

No one would never have wished for this, but a silver lining of the business slowdown was that, with fewer orders and less day-to-day company admin, we had more time to brainstorm and design.  

We wanted to do a collection that reflected this crazy moment we were in, but also one that felt exciting and new.

We’re known for our happy colors and sunny outlook, so what better theme right now than rainbows?

The days, then months, of self-isolating weren’t easy on friendships, so we wanted to create cards to celebrate friends, and remind everyone better days were on the way.

We designed our own exclusive rainbow typeface, full of bold colors and mixed in with gold foil for added luxe.

We also used a rainbow foil that brought shimmer and fun.

We were really happy to find that Mohawk has a new digital paper that has a lovely vellum feel, but also takes the rich inks from digital indigo printing — so we got the bold colors that are our trademark, but also the nice paper texture that makes the physical writing such a pleasure.  (This stock is Green E-certified, meaning 100% of the electricity used to manufacture the paper is matched with wind energy.)

And, if early orders are anything to go by, it seems like, in the stationery world, rainbows are the new unicorns!  This is shaping up to be our most successful new collection of designs yet.

So we want to share the joy!  Right now on our online shop if you order 4 cards, we throw in 2 extra for free (which you can choose).  No code necessary!

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