Collage To Go

Here’s a special creation that feels specifically designed to tug at my heartstrings. Not only was it born in my home and current town — Hello, Cleveland! — it’s a magazine, and it has the special power to create an utterly one-of-a-kind reflection of everyone’s favorite subject: themselves.

Meet The Collage Kit from Free Period Press: pages and pages of design goodness just begging to be cut and pasted into your very own collage masterpiece.

The publication is bursting with spread after spread of inspiring photos, illustrations, and designs. Whether you want to break out the modge podge for some serious decoupage fun, enhance a scrapbook or journal of family photos or private thoughts, or even fashion a gallery wall of custom wallpaper, this is the first step in making it happen.

Creator Lora DiFranco put a lot of careful love and thought into this colorful creations, and shared with me why she loves collage so:
1. Collaging is a super accessible creative activity (even for folks who don’t seem themselves as “creative”) — all you need are some scissors and a glue stick.
2. Collaging is a nostalgic way to unplug, destress, and make something tangible with your hands. (I especially like making postcards to send to friends.)
3. The magazine features work from 40 of our favorite artists. We’re especially excited to be supporting artists during this tough economic time.

Even paging through it is an inspiration. As you can see, images cover a wide range of subject material including (but not limited to!) nature, design, letters, landscape, travel and vintage photos.

There’s 120 pages (or 60 sheets) in all, in a standard 8.5×11-inch size. One side features artwork, while the other is a solid color or simple texture. There’s even examples of finished pages for inspiration.

One can only imagine the wonders that will be contained within Volume 2 when it’s released! Pick up your first edition here for $28.