Inklings Paperie Makes Its Starbucks Debut!

It’s always a good morning for coffee, but if you are a stationery lover, your morning jaunt to one of 7,950 Starbucks dotted around America just got a lot better. Along with your double decaf soy latte, you can pick up sweet sets of Make Your Own Scratch-Off cards, the result of a collaboration between the coffee giant and the much smaller maker Inklings Paperie.“This collaboration has been in the making for well over a year,” described Founder and Creative Director Lindsay Henry. “The Starbucks team happened to stumble across our booth at NY NOW over 18 months ago. They were excited about our line, and we remained in contact with them after the show. Last fall we were invited to fly out to Seattle to present some ideas, and the rest is history!”

Like all of Inklings’ offerings, the cards are meant to inspire everyday kindness, connect people to one another, and bring joy and whimsy to each day. Loosely based off of Inklings’ Scratch-off Lunchbox Notes, these allow you to write a small note, cover it with the scratch-off sticker and pass it on. They can be enclosed with a gift card or given solo.The shapes and design elements on the cards were inspired by the hand-cut confetti that fills the Inklings studio. “On any given day, you’ll find colorful pieces of confetti scattered all over the floor!” Lindsay laughed. “We’ve also played with color blocking to bring our signature champagne pink and mint green together with some core Starbucks hues. We’re so excited about this collection we’ve created together and the element of fun that it will bring to the gift section of Starbucks!”Although this is a huge step for Inklings, Lindsay stays true to her roots. “We’re still a very small company, and working with Starbucks is a dream come true. Everything we create is designed and printed in the USA using sustainably sourced materials, so it’s important that we align ourselves with companies that also value sustainability and ethical sourcing. It has been really rewarding to work closely with their team on this range, and we hope that it is just the first of many more! There are some pretty phenomenal designers and makers in our industry, so we are humbled to have this opportunity.”

Pick ’em up starting today. At just $4.95 for a set of three, they’re an easy way to spread some sunshine!
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