Holstee’s Reflection Cards

I’ve always had a policy here of shying away from Kickstarter campaigns, but with every rule there comes an exception (why I made this one will hopefully soon become clear). At any rate, a few weeks back Holstee launched a Kickstarter for its colorful Reflection Cards.Each humble box holds 104 cards featuring thought-provoking questions centering (and color-coded) around mindful themes spanning from resilience to passion, creativity to kinship.They were created with an eye towards “building meaningful connections in a world that feels more divided than ever,” Holstee’s co-founder (and co-creator) Dave told me. Each features an icebreaker and a more serious question.When laid out just right, the abstract shapes form a cohesive whole (just like all of us, ideally).The cards have been incredibly well-received, getting fully funded on the first day and still going strong ($43,241 of a $12,500 goal as I write this). That means by November they will be out in the world, printed by Kentucky’s United States Playing Card Company on sustainably-forested paper with starch-based laminating glue and vegetable-based printing inks (meaning that at the end of their long, thought-provoking lives, they’ll be recyclable).A November ship date also means that they’ll be in stores just in time for the holidays, so retailers, I’m looking at you. If you head over and place a wholesale order (a packs of 12 is $108, with MSRP $18/deck) before August 15, Holstee will include your store as a launch partner in an email to their community. An entree into Holstee’s very dedicated fanbase means new customers strolling into your shop during a crucial time of year … and who knows, you might stumble across a life-changing question or two yourself![amazon_link asins=’B012WFIJBW,B00JV8DZKY,B00S3VIWDU,B007708W3S,B01I9JB2LE,B015R2WFSK,B0140VKGTE,B00H8EZJ84,B00992ZZLE’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’us0479-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dda1a5f8-9d90-11e8-b544-25b626ae32b1′]