Occasionette’s Guide to Cards at NY NOW!

The clock is ticking down to NY NOW, as it opens its doors August 12. Most people think of this show as being all about gifts and forward-thinking design, and indeed there’s plenty of both to be found, but the show has a lot more to offer.

But don’t take my word for it — today Sara from Occasionette, with locations in South Philadelphia and Collingswood, New Jersey, is sharing her must-visit card booths. There are some familiar faces as well as some real, rare gems. Take it away, Sara!

Most retailers think of NYNow as a great source for gift items (which it is!) but at Occasionette we also place many orders for our award-winning card wall. Cards are our biggest product category in the shops and represent about 21% of our gross sales.

One of my favorite things about this category is that they’re a great place to branch out a bit in terms of selection. It’s relatively easy to find many different styles, and it won’t take up much of your budget to provide a range of styles within your card assortment. If you genuinely love the cards you offer in your shop, customers undoubtedly will, too.

Here, then, are some of our favorite card lines exhibiting at NYNow this August.Benchpressed, a husband-and-wife team based in Minneapolis, is consistently one of our top selling card lines. Their snarky style resonates well with our shoppers, and I love their new door hangers. An added bonus to visiting them in Booth 7515 is that they exhibit jointly with Power & Light Press, another fantastic line of funny cards & gifts.We know our customers like a good laugh, and Sapling Press is another solid go-to for humor cards. Based in Pittsburgh, they also produce some really great gifts, like keychains and mugs, to accompany the cards. Be ready to do quite a bit of reading and laughing in Booth 7311.

As much as we love a good humorous card, it’s important to balance out a card wall with some sincere, beautiful sentiments, as well. E Frances Paper, based in New England, specializes in really pretty watercolor painted designs. While I love just about everything they do, I think their wedding and sympathy cards are so gorgeous and really stand out. Their work is a favorite of mine for when you want a card for a really genuine and heartfelt message. E Frances is represented at the show by Crow & Canary in Booth 7614.For something in between the sweetness and the snark, I love The Good Twin, out of Los Angeles, for super fun, candy colored greetings. This line has some colorful gift items, like keychains and pencil sets, to complement its cards, and just keeps getting better and better. Find The Good Twin in the Crow & Canary Booth 7614.Another bright spot on our card wall is Yellow Owl Workshop from San Francisco. Yellow Owl introduced lapel pin cards to their line a few seasons ago, and their newest additions are really great. The lapel pin cards are an excellent idea for when you want to give just a little more than a card, and feature a high quality enamel pin for the recipient to keep. Find them in Booth 7350.If bold colors and fun graphic designs are what you’re in search of, Anne and Kate is the answer. I would recognize the colorful, clean work of this duo from a mile away. They also consistently produce some of my favorite gift wraps, with a handful of brand new wrap designs for the August show. Their work is available in the Daisy D & Friends booth, number 1262.

Delightfully understated, Ramona & Ruth from Omaha, Nebraska, is a lovely letterpressed line that reduces greetings down to the bare minimum in a completely elegant way. This line is a new addition to our shop’s offerings, and I think it’s a perfect counterbalance to the louder cards we offer. Discover this essential line in Booth 7614 with Crow & Canary.

And my last pick is the (Internet elusive!) Saturn Press, of Bangor, Maine. This classic line evokes such a classic, nostalgic feel in the best way. I love that their work appeals to both an older, more traditional crowd and still feels fresh enough to entice savvy younger shoppers. While you won’t find them on Instagram, you can visit them at NYNow in Booth 1124.