Happy Birthday!

August is definitely birthday season — and since mine happens to be today, I had to share this brand-spanking new design from The Found. Like everyone else, I’m obsessed with Orange is the New Black.

The card literally came back from the printer only last week, and I was thrilled when The Found’s Jim and Albert sent me an actual (signed) copy that arrived yesterday. The illustration really captures the spirit & personality of the gang, no? I am particularly enamored with the world-weary Red.

Inside it reads, “Another year … but who’s counting?” Certainly not me! (Jim and Albert also warned me to stay out of trouble inside, or I may just find myself featured on the next season.)

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Meanwhile, TPC may be a bit sporadic the rest of this week … my family and friends have planned a few surprises that I’m not completely privy to. Have a great rest of the week everyone!