First Look: Sugar Paper x Target Holiday 2020!

So, I’ve been sitting on this fabulous release for quite a while now, and like any other good secret, it’s been really, really hard to keep to myself! So I’m so glad to share it with you today. Sugar Paper and Target have released their latest holiday collab — and if it were possible for an entire ’19 season to be condensed into a design equation, I think this is it!

The big news is a slew of entertaining releases, everything from ice buckets and decanters to stitched dinner napkins and peppermint stripe reusable straws. Pieces like red Swiss dot and black-and-white-striped table runners literally set the holiday table, but my favorites are the little DIY pieces ready to steal the scene. Just witness the ready-to-ring jingle bells containers ($5 a pop) or the faux popcorn garland ($15, a small price to pay for all the popcorn-and-cranberry-stringing and painful needle pricks you just avoided).

The Sugar Paper magic has been distilled into a few color stories to be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Purists will love the purest (and often polka-dotted) gold and white, while combos of black and white, red and white and forest green and white are crowned with touches of gold here and there.

Keep your eyes peeled for little luxe touches like velvet ribbon, chain stitching, and preserved boxwood wreaths and garlands — these are the little details (along with overall Sugar styling) that set these apart from holiday décor you’ll find elsewhere.

You can find the pieces neatly presented on Target shelves and their site, but a Sugar shoot really brings these pieces to vibrant life and shows their true potential — so I’ll let them take it from here.

Bravo to everyone involved! For the best selection and to be able to gawk at it all in person, head on over to the nearest Target Or stay at home and shop it all in your slippers from the comfort of your screen!