Let’s Do (Stationery) Coffee

The clever new Café Collection from Sapori is like having a cup of coffee with a loved one — in enduring, paper form no less.

And, like most ranges that just feel right, it came to life organically, Scott told me. “I was researching color palettes while drinking coffee one day and thought … hmmm, a coffee-themed card line would be fun and timely. So, I combined the rich colors, a simple cup drawing acting as a text frame, and the coffee-related verses, resulting in these cute, little bursts of love, friendship and inspiration.”

The sentiments are spot-on, the colors a burst of warmth, and combined with their the small size and earthy envelopes, these are perfect for accomplishing what we could all use about now — this from the famed Gray Lady AKA The New York Times, no less!

Right now there are 15 in the range, with another 10 brewing. Shop them all here in the meantime! Buy three, get one free with the code FREECARD.