F This Post, Part 2!

Apparently I just scratched the surface with my last obscenity post, so I’ve gathered more gold-foiled, letterpressed and otherwise fancy cussing for your viewing pleasure. Again, a warning: If salty language offends you, this is the not the post for you!

First up we have UWP Luxe’s Elegant Profanity boxed notes, for when your blasphemy needs some dimensional punch. These color-blocked lovelies are even more arresting in person — and in just a few words, they encapsulate so many sentiments!  Minneapolis’ own Zeichen Press has a dizzying array of well-stated letterpress — it’s easy to get lost in their snarky offerings, offset with bright envelopes no less. Just because profanity is within an acronym, it’s not any less potent! As an added bonus, friends and family not in the know don’t get offended. This colorful + chic art print from Tick Tock Press, one of many beguiling designs, is printed on recycled white paper from a Michigan-local mill. Finally, I hit the malediction motherlode after Adina from Bunny Bear Press offered to let me share some of her brilliant letterpress here. There’s nothing I don’t love here — the dreamy color palette, the expressive hand-lettering, abstracted envelope liners in kraft envelopes, the realistic approach to the holidays — but most of all the healthy dose of snark. Everything is printed one at a time, color by color, in Redmond, Washington. Want to see your wise blasphemy articulated in this spellbinding form? Send it to Adina and if she uses it on a card, you’ll get a finished copy, plus some assorted goodies on her!