Envelopes, By the Book!

Envelopes have assumed a new importance in the last few years. A greeting card, for example, is no longer defined by its message, imagery and print method — presentation is paramount from the moment you spy it peeking at you from your mailbox. These encasements are deceptively simple — a seemingly insignificant detail like a flap can speak volumes depending on whether it is pointed, square or euro. As Chris Harrold, Vice President, Creative Director, Mohawk, puts it, “Envelopes are equal part function and first impression. An envelope is like a handshake that simultaneously says ‘hello’ and ‘open me first!’”

Accordingly, Mohawk has definitively tackled the topic with its release of A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes, the latest in a series of comprehensive, printed guides designed to inspire and educate designers, their clients and printers on the importance of choosing the right materials for print. The magenta foil on textured Urban Gray makes a statement from the start, and the vellum wrap encasing it is more than just pretty — on its reverse are detailed envelope templates!The guide opens kicks off with an impactful introduction stating the case for materials via a blend of behavioral insight and hands-on demonstration. How better to introduce the five defining envelope attributes to consider — texture, color, style, flap shape and size — than by opening a wax-sealed envelope to reveal five more envelopes showing exquisite examples of each? Using gorgeous examples, Texture delves into how textured envelopes capture your audience through touch. An A2 Curious Collection Metallic Ionized envelope along with an A7 Curious Collection Matter Adiron Blue envelope are bound in to bring the concept to life.Color explores how that element can transform a simple, common business envelope into something extra special. To demonstrate this, a #10 Commercial Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow envelope alongside a #10 Policy Mohawk Carnival Vellum New Black are bound in the book.Next we’re onto Style, AKA the anatomy of any envelope. This importance of this element is demonstrated with a 5.5” Square/Euroflap envelope in Strathmore Wove Chino contrasted with a 9×12 Catalog envelope pre-printed on Mohawk Via Linen Natural.Ideally, Flap Shape should offer a clue to what’s inside. From formal invite to business stationery, a flap style can send a message before it’s even opened. Bound in to demonstrate are a 5.5 Baronial Flap envelope in Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Urban Gray, an A2 deckle edge flap in Strathmore Pastelle Natural White and an A2 euro flap in Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite.The guide closes with Size. From the smallest, attention-getting envelope to the largest unique forms, the size of an envelope is an obvious yet powerful choice. Two contrasting envelopes are bound in to demonstrate this: a 3.125 x 5.5 Coin envelope in Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Husk contrasted with a large C6D Policy flap envelope in Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite.Just like any successful project, attention to detail is tantamount here. This recurring pattern shown below, used throughout the guide, was inspired by envelope security tints and is printed on a total of 25 different combinations of Mohawk colored and textured papers & envelopes throughout the guide. A Maker’s Field Guide to Envelopes was skillfully printed by O’Neil Printing and finished at Roswell Bindery, both in Phoenix, Arizona.Created by Aurora Design, this is an ideal complement to Mohawk’s Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color and the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. If you love both, then you are going to need this Field Guide as well! And it couldn’t be easier to get on your shelf. Just meet with a Mohawk sales rep, or skip that step and order it for $19.99. Get started here!