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Current Event Cards from Dear Hancock

In my last post, I asked makers to let me share promotions they’ve unveiled in the last week or so here. I didn’t think I’d get much of a response, so it’s been really heartwarming to open email after email and learn all the different ways makers are responding to the current situation. I’ve always loved my paper peeps because they are such wonderful people on a one-on-one basis, but now I’m seeing they are also so wonderful because they so quickly find ways to help defuse a crisis with love and humor, card by card.

Gwen at Dear Hancock emailed me Wednesday (the same day I posted) to share this sweet trio of new designs she’s dubbed her Current Event Cards. “After absorbing the shock of what is going on in the world and then unfortunately having to send our entire team home, we regrouped and decided to focus on our strengths,” she said. “Being creative and making artwork is what we do best, so we decided to create a few cards reflecting current everyday life. We think these designs are relatable and will make you smile.”

I think you’ll agree these self-quarantined bunnies have the potential to spread a lot of cheer!

In her IG feed, Gwen recalled starting Dear Hancock during a recession. “We believe we can pull through this pandemic,” she wrote. “AND please support local stores that stock our goods. A lot of them also have web shops and are finding creative ways to march on.”

You can also find them here — and everything sitewide is 35% off with the code: sendlove.

Makers, please keep sending me what you’re up to! And I do hope Gwen — and everyone else who is creating new cards for these new times — considers entering Noted @ *Noted. We are really hoping the competition will provide a great virtual design arena when there’s no physical space for us all to share. I am still here plugging away, so don’t hesitate to give me a shout with questions about it or anything else I can do for you. Stay well, everyone!