Big Love for Little Love Press

If you walked *Noted this past April or spied the Fresh Picks frontispiece in the Spring 2022 Stationery Trends, it would have been flat-out impossible to miss Little Love Press. If you somehow managed, below you can actually see both — I snapped this shot of Stationery Trends on display in this maker’s expansive and most visually engaging booth in San Francisco.

This California brand is the brainchild of Chihiro Jameson — who, like so many others before her, launched while still toiling in the corporate world. Regardless, she’s been embraced by the stationery community. Although she is a Stanford grad, Chihiro is actually self-taught when it comes to illustration. She got bit by the creative bug during her maternity leave, when she started illustrating custom gifts for friends and family. As you’ll see, her work is sprinkled with delicately illustrated flora and fauna … as well as foreign languages and various cultural references. It’s a tip of the hat to Chihiro’s roots as a multilingual immigrant from the beautiful ancient capital of Japan. What a fresh, vibrant way to promote representation!

For example. the Floral Arrangement Sticker Card you see above and below highlights the age-old Japanese art of Ikebana. This centuries-old practice of arranging flowers roughly translates to “making flowers come alive.” Carefully selected blossoms, greenery and other flora are selected to convey a specific feeling or emotion to an observer, just like any piece of artwork. Here Chihiro has done the heavy lifting by creating this colorful presentation — it’s up to the card sender or recipient to bring it to completely distinctive life.

It’s a flower-fresh perspective, and anyone who knows me knows that that’s exactly what I’m constantly on the prowl for as I review product. Meanwhile, it was also difficult at *Noted not be enchanted by Little Love Press’ super-thick, double-sided floral wraps.

This is a fanciful, vibrant world to be a part of, replete with not just flora & fauna, but clever humor and the occasional pun as well.

Chihiro also offers custom work as well. Get a map of your city or a portrait to adorn your personalized notecards for the ultimate stationery statement. She also does pet portraits, and while there are so many great artists to choose from who offer this service, I really like how Chihiro captures animal personalities. You can almost hear that dog panting! I may have to splurge and get one of my viciously sweet canine Scout.

Start your shop here — and if you are interested in bringing this fresh brand to your store shelves, start your inquiry here.