This Just In: Diamond Dust Portraits!

Evoking the idea of a never-ending ticker tape parade, lavish diamond dust portraits are just what their name describes — covered in glittering diamond dust. The rare printing technique was first made famous by Andy Warhol, who used them in his prints of Marilyn Monroe. It was a stroke of brilliance — what better way to convey her magic, mystery & luxury?

Park Slope Press began offering them as part of their wedding services when one of their couples requested a fine art print of their wedding photo, recalled the press’ Katie Jones. “We suggested doing something unique such as the diamond dust process and they loved the results. “We (now) offer this service to all of the couples that we work with and have always received a fantastic response.”

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 3.51.05 PM

What I especially love about this product is that it’s a “bridal” service anyone can indulge in — all you need is a memorable image.

Want to learn more about canvas sizes & prices? Reach out to Katie and her team here.