Biely Shoaf Presents Louise Mulgrew

The Brooklyn Bookmaker

NY NOW was full of design wonders, but for me, stumbling across one eighty five was something of a surprise. Its creator, Robert Stolarik, is a photojournalist who contributed to The New York Times for twenty years. Robert began his career covering conflicts and general news in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Balkans. Then, for the past decade, the native New Yorker focused his groundbreaking reporting on social and criminal justice issues, including stop-and-frisk policies, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the Haitian Earthquake, and the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Now, someone with two decades of photojournalism under his belt is wired differently than you and I. You have to be super-tough yet calm under pressure — and perhaps more than a little reckless, some might even call it crazy. Who else would literally place themself in the middle of a dangerous situation as it unfolds, in the hopes of attaining that magical shot that will crystallize an important moment in history for posterity? You are constantly chasing that shot you are not sure even exists.

So, I guess it’s not too surprising that Robert’s journals and sketchbooks take a similarly reckless perspective to traditional stationery.

Every creation is designed and built in Robert’s basement studio. His deconstructed creations feature pages from the exalted Gray Lady herself for a touch that is both autobiographical and refreshing.

This video splendidly breaks down his process and approach.

If you are lucky enough to be close to one of Robert’s stockists, you should definitely visit so in the hopes that you can experience one of these babies for yourself! You can also pick up one here — if something catches your eye, don’t wait too long, as they seem to sell out quickly!