Taylor Swift + Papyrus = Stationery Love

If ever an industry needed a cheerleader, it’s stationery … and it’s found one in Taylor Swift. The pop star not only has transformed a walk-in closet in her Manhattan apartment into a greeting card writing room, she even carries a stash of birthday cards on her. “You never know when you’re going to run into somebody, it’s their birthday, and you gave them a birthday card five minutes later,” she’s said.

No doubt that these days inside her bag, Taylor carries a healthy supply of the collection she recently debuted at Papyrus. Like a bubbly pop song come to life, it’s full of dynamic flourishes like lined envelopes, gold foil, gem accents, glitter and pom poms.

Taylor Swift- Baloon With Fringed Ribbon Card Taylor Swift- Blingy Headphones Card Taylor Swift- Floral Piano Card Taylor Swift- Flower Perfume Bottle Card Taylor Swift- Gemmed Flower Card Taylor Swift- I Love New York Assorted Note Cards ( Set Of 20 ) Taylor Swift- New York Cake Card Taylor Swift- XO Card Taylor Swift- Yay You Card Taylor Swift- You Are Actual Sunshine Card

Whatever you think of her, at her core, Taylor Smith is an artist. I’ve come to believe that all artists tend to be unhappy if they’re not expressing themselves. Taylor is particularly intrigued by the idea of the written word — whether it’s forming a chart-topping song that you can’t get out of your head or a private letter to only be seen by two close friends. “There’s something very nostalgic to me about the feel of a card and putting pen to paper,” the star told Esquire. “How many times in our lives are we required to put pen to paper anymore? There’s something romantic and sort of lost about it. I like things you can touch and things you can keep, because every bit of communication we have is ephemeral in nature. You can just delete an e-mail like it was never there.”

I couldn’t agree more! Individual start at $5.95, with a portion of proceeds earmarked for charity. Find a nearby Papyrus store to see them in person here, or just shop it all here.

Taylor Swift- Girl With Cat Card