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Sugar Paper Essentials x Planning

You know that ledge people talk about, as in “I need to be talked off the ledge?” Me and my personal ledge are getting rather cozy of late. Some of those frequent visits have involved the very transition you see before you — and while I’m very excited about all the changes, they still seem a bit surreal as I learn to navigate the new format and get the bugs out (that said, please pardon any dust around here!). Some have involved what I call The Juggle, e.g., balancing working at home and parenting. Now, I’ve always worked at home, but any edge I had feels as faded as “normal times,” whatever those are. But underlying all this daily mishegas (that’s Yiddish for “craziness”) has been a deep frustration on many levels that’s far bigger than just me.

So I was rather heartened earlier this week to get an email from Sugar Paper Los Angeles with the headline “Keep Going.” “At a time when planning feels difficult,” it read, “it might be the most important thing to do. Keep going. Keep Planning.”

So, while the new Sugar Paper Essentials collection from Target might be “just” planners, calendars and office supplies, who knows what great things might arise from them? What I really love about this collection is that is has the posh Sugar styling at a Target price. These sweet little jars of paper clips and push pins (available in heart and traditional shapes, no less) retail at $5.99.

Even looking at the way 2021 lays out, accessorized with dots no less, feels pretty darn luxurious right now. There are so many great pieces to dress up your workspace. Also check out the new “SP” monogram on the Swingline stapler — pretty sharp for $18.99!

The Glass Dry Erase Calendar you see above is at the high end of the collection’s pricing at $39.99, but it’s not only smart looking, it pretty much means you never need to buy another one. Meanwhile the Fabric Pin Board below is a legit steal at $24.99. Check out the entire collection here — your workspace will thank you!