Stuck on Shades of Expression Designs

I used to say that greeting cards are the billboard of the American psyche, but lately I’ve been starting to rethink that. That billboard may well encompass stickers too these days, and why not? After all, while a card is shared with a limited audience, stickers put it all out there for everyone to see — not unlike a billboard!

It’s also really interesting to see how a maker expands into this category in terms of what imagery and messaging they select for their first release. Take Shades of Expression Designs. This New Jersey house of paper has a prolific body of vibrant art that it presents on cards, journals, art prints, magnets and the like. But this young brand had to make some tough editing decisions to come up with a collection of 15 stickers. Personally I think they made some great calls as you’ll see below!

Shop them all here — and know that by doing so, you are supporting a family-owned, women-run, multi-generation business. So, what are you still doing here when you could be assembling your personal billboard?