Holiday Junkie: Jennifer Love Hewitt x 2021 Co.

It’s officially the spooky season, so I’ve got a triple treat! The actress Jennifer Love Hewitt drops in The Paper Fold along with the power duo that is 2021 Co. — Nicole Couto and Emily King — to talk all things Holiday Junkie.

This refers of course to the ever-growing collection the three have collaborated on to celebrate the joy and magic of various holidays — but it’s also a certain state of mind.

For Jennifer, Halloween is a way of life; for 2021 Co., it is a fresh category through which their brand can bring us closer to those we love. Jennifer is not just the biggest celebrity to champion stationery that I can recall, her approach to connecting through the medium is as fresh as it is funny.

Jennifer obviously brings star power to the table and is a clever card-writer extraordinaire, but it is really authentic connection that lies at the heart of every Holiday Junkie design.

Don’t miss out as we examine the distinctive power of paper to traverse time and space — and how that has shaped each of us both personally and professionally. It’s downright impossible not to be inspired by the spirit of collaboration among these three powerful women, so listen in to bring your own personal Holiday Junkie to life!

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