Sandy’s Party Bags!

It’s been said that there’s a million stories in the big city, well, there are a million stories behind the shops on Etsy. Take Sandra Taylor, who makes favor bags by hand at Sandy’s Candy Gift Bags

Sandy lives in Saint Albans, Maine, but is originally from Connecticut, where her son and daughter-in-law live with their three children. Now on disability, she began crafting these special bags and boxes — which are often the best gift in and of themselves — for her daughter-in-law’s baby shower. I think you’ll agree they are really special, with every detail carefully thought out! 1 3 2 5 47So cute, right? These must look so pretty filled and ready to give out to departing guests. For all the work that goes into them, they are well priced — the one you see below is $60, but that’s for 30 bags. All can be shipped flat to reduce shipping costs. Again, you can shop the whole range here

Meanwhile, all sales go to a great cause: Sandy is using them to finance her move back to Connecticut to be closer to her grandchildren. Her dream is to work with someone who can license and mass-produce her meticulously created designs.

Here’s hoping it comes true!