Biely Shoaf Presents Louise Mulgrew

New Cards from Offensive + Delightful!

I cannot bid 2017 farewell without providing a peek of what 2018 holds in store paper-wise — and judging from these cards from Offensive + Delightful, it’s already shaping up to be quite a year. If greeting cards are the billboard of the American psyche, let’s just say we’re in a very interesting place!

Just keep in mind that with a name like Offensive + Delightful, these may not all be for you. Olga has created quite the attention-getting range, by turns loving and lecherous. Personally I love it all, from the unexpected color palette to the swirly script to the one-of-a-kind messaging! Shop them all here, and just for the holidays, all this gorgeous design and profanity is 15% off with the code TAKE15!