Pretty Pearls of (Stationery) Wisdom

Life can be a little much these days — in my opinion, it’s why terms like “mindfulness” and “breathe” get thrown around so much. It’s to deal with all this constant stress!

The kind souls at Shades of Expressions has definitely noticed this as well, and want to contribute some much-needed positive vibes to the world. “We’ve always liked to encourage good feelings through our artistic designs as well as the words we choose to put on our products,” the company’s Amanda told me. “There is too much negativity in the world with the use of off-color remarks and foul language. We choose to promote happy and positive thoughts to lift people up and make them feel good and to bring a smile to their faces.”

It’s one thing to send a little positivity someone’s way, and quite another to remind yourself, day in and day out, to not sweat the small stuff. That’s where their new ceramic pen holders come in!

Each is $10, a small price for a heartwarming message and hand-painted image to look out at you each day, all the while serving an important function.

Shop the entire expansive range here. This house of paper is a woman-run family business in every sense of the word. Three generations of woman — one mom, two daughters and a granddaughter — comprise the team. Everything is packaged in their Warren, New Jersey, studio and shipped within two to four business days via USPS.