Leslie Moak Murray of Murray’s Law

While you may not immediately recognize the name of my guest today — Leslie Moak Murray — you’ve likely laughed at her cartoons. Leslie is the creator of Murray’s Law, and over the past several decades, her award-winning and prolific body of work has appeared on cards, napkins, note pads, paper plates, newspapers, books — really, anywhere cartoons and jokes can be placed. 

Leslie’s zany humor has repeatedly struck our cultural funny bone in precisely the right spot, as evidenced by the rather impressive 23 LOUIE awards she’s won since first getting into the business in to late 1980s. In the course of her career, Leslie went from running her own company, to licensing and even syndicating her work, to finding a new audience on Instagram

Meanwhile her work can be purchased on various products at Leanin’ Tree, Cardmore, Current and even Fabrics.com. Chances are, if the item in question is printed or can be printed on, Leslie has seen and done it.

In this episode, she recounts everything from shrink-wrapping early card orders in Saran wrap, to the love letters and hate mail she’s received over the years, to her realization that protecting her work in our digital age is nearly impossible. Her insights into how she has consistently churned out humor for decades and whether she writes the copy or draws the image first are not to be missed!  

Music Credits: “Your Treasure is Your Self”; written and performed by Sharon Glassman; Courtesy of Sharon Glassman/Smile Songs. smilesongs.com