On Civility: Visual Treats by Joni Lewis

Love may mean never having to say you’re sorry, but modern life necessitates the occasional apology. I actually find that falling on one’s sword is far preferable to the blame game — an apology is actually an opportunity to showcase your charm. And what better way to set a sophisticated stage for a meaningful mea culpa than with these tongue-in-cheek apology cards from Visual Treats Design Studio?

These 4″x6″ cards come in packs of six, $14, so you’ll be all set for your next gaffe. And if you are going to National Stationery Show at signature mix marketplace, Visual Treats will be in booth 2268. I am hoping Joni Ulman Lewis, the face behind the line, will bring some of her artwork — very Joseph Cornell-esque.

It’s not surprising that Joni, an admitted flea market fiend, pack rat, paper junkie and former window dresser, is originating fun ideas like a Denim Rescue Service. I have to check my closet, but I think I have the perfect pair!