On Civility: Kelp Designs

Apparently parking miscreants are a deeper cultural problem than most of us realize, as there’s more than one paper product out there to address them. Kelp Designs’ Neighborly Notes help promote a firm yet friendly (not to mention colorful) brand of civility.

Necessity was definitely the mother of this invention, Kelp’s Katie Hunt explained. “These ‘Neighborly Notes’ evolved from a personal parking crisis while my husband and I were doing construction work on our home.  We live just outside the gates of a major college campus and had people parking in front of our driveway ALL the time, so neither us or the construction crew could get in! It was awful, but I wanted a fun way to say ‘get lost.’”

These sturdy cards are hard to miss at 3½” x 5” and, since they’re 100% recycled (with 30% post-consumer waste) they’re more earth-friendly than the car that needs to be moved pronto. Contact Katie at Kelp for wholesaling, and they’re also available here  for $8/8.