On a Roll with Beve

I received an email last week inquiring if trade shows are “over.” While I don’t have the authority to provide a definitive answer, I for one certainly hope not!

Personally I have gotten so burnt out on screens these past few years, I tend to read most evenings as opposed to streaming yet another series. (White Lotus is a huge exception, and yes, I’m still processing that grand season finale this morning!) So if I were a retailer building my assortment, I would definitely prefer to do it in life, where I can touch everything and hopefully chat up the maker.

However, these days there as as many approaches to business as there are brands out there, and for many of them, returning to a trade show is a far bigger commitment than my checking out a new Netflix series. Some are back exhibiting at shows like nothing ever happened, while others are taking their time returning.

Such is the case with the lovely and talented Lauren Boggs Meslar of beve! This mom of two has been quite busy generating an entirely new category for her brand — greeting cards! Everything on 100% pcw-recycled paper with 100% recycled kraft paper envelopes. They retail for $4.50, but Lauren is offering a launch promotion of $1.98 wholesale for them (as well as thank you note cards) through the end of the year.

Those are some really nice margins, and these are some super-cute designs!

In another advance for the brand, Lauren is now packaging her writing sets in paperboard boxes. You just know that whoever buys and uses the Bookshelf letter writing set will write something REALLY good, and that sweet Dear Santa set is brand new. Personally I am really drawn to all the folk elements throughout Lauren’s work — this is a design trend I have been eagerly anticipating for some time and is still coming into bloom.

And if your washi game could use some improvement — and frankly, whose can’t? — there are oodles and oodles of designs to choose from. Take it from me: Any envelope without washi on its backside is essentially naked!

That’s a lot of great design to get your arms around! Paper nerds, you can start your shop here; or for wholesale orders, order direct at hello@beve.co, or you can request a wholesale discount code. You can also shop beve! on Faire.