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More NSS Mailers! (Part 2 of 2)

And we’re back! Oh my, do these folks from Kramer Drive look fun — and I love that they used a photo card for a mailer. I think that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. Be ready to partyyyyyy in full color in booths 2641-3!

Untitled copy

Kramer Drive Mailer Photo 1

Dimension is good, especially on this Ladyfingers Letterpress mailer. I love the color palette, and you just know booth 1864 will be fun! Plus the first 200 participants to fly by get a special Sakura Pen Pack!

2014_Pre-ShowMailer1I wish I could show you the kraft envelope on Near Modern Disaster’s mailer — it is the exact opposite of their name, addressed in black and adorned with five different stamps. Inside the folder held three cards — my favorite reads: You are a goddamm magical unicorn — and a little note. They’re debuting in booth 2168!

mailers01The mailer from Page Stationery (booths 2363+2365) has a lot of entertainment value within one mighty bellyband. “For us, NSS is our time to interact with the our retail partners and meet new friends, so we wanted our invitation to be fun and interactive,” the company’s Erica Caskey told me. The bingo cards, personalized with names, can be checked off order. Get Bingo for 10% off your order! Meanwhile a word search is filled with new products, new capabilities and best-sellers; a red-foiled, Mad Libs-style Play to Win card can be completed and submitted to win a free album; and the world’s fanciest connect-the-dots has a gicleé image of the Empire State Building on the back.

Page_Stationery_NSS2014_fullsetI love the modern folk trend so much that I started a Pinterest board devoted to it, so of course I cannot resist this letterpressed gem from Pressbound (booth 2165)!

NSSPreshow14-2_webBlack, white and a neon highlighter yellow is accessorized down to the stamp on the mailer from Real Card Studio (booth 2834). The super-luxe, super-thick board has a black sheet between a white front and back, and oh my, that liner!

realCardStudio_inviteNSS LO1

Suejeanko sent an adorable signed and numbered silkscreen print. I may even frame mine. It’s no surprise she is in #fresh, booth 1568.


Finally, The Social Type (Booth 2053) gives us the theme of the next few days — New York or bust! This is the first time I can recall seeing a marble paper combined with foil, and it’s most fetching.

photo 1

Last up, Legion Paper is doing a really fun promotion project/scavenger hunt — this time 26 designers and letterpress shops created alphabet cards! Organized by Flywheel Press, here is the box and all the participants (along with the papers they used). Pick up the box in Legion’s booth #3330.

NSS Box1

So clever. And below we have the absolutely awesome National Stationery Show walking list. If you can’t tell, I’m so excited for another amazing edition of the show. So if you see me wandering the aisles, please do say hi — and TPC will be back the week of May 26 with brand-new posts!